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Show Schedule

01-04-23 Acoustic Open Mic NORTH feat. Braden Howell
                  The Boardroom, Albemarle 6:30
01-05-23 Acoustic Open Mic feat. PJ Brunson
                  Dreamchaser's Brewery, Waxhaw 6:30
01-07-23 Shannon Lee Solo, Southern Range Brewing, Monroe 7-10
01-10-23 Shannon's Jam, Zee's Tavern, Pineville 6:30
01-19-23 Acoustic Open Mic - Shannon's B-day Jam 
                  feat. EVERYONE, Dreamc
haser's Brewery, Waxhaw 6:300
01-20-23 Late Night Kitchen, Sweet Union Brewing, Indian Trail 7-10
01-27-23 Late Night Kitchen, The Lodge Colony, Charlotte 7:30

02-02-23 Acoustic Open Mic Feat. Lorrie Dalley
                   Dreamchaser's Brewery, Waxhaw 6:30
 Shannon Lee SoloHome Brew, Monroe 7pm
02-02-23 Shannon & Tonya Stumptown Station, Matthews 9pm
02-07-23 Shannon's Jam 1 Year Anniversary 
Zee's Tavern, Pinevile 6:30
02-15-23 Songwriter Spotlight Rock Hill Brewing Company 7pm
02-16-23 Acoustic Open Mic feat. Brian Carter
                   Dreamchaser's Brewery, Waxhaw 6:30
02-21-23 Shannon's Jam, Full Backline Zee's Tavern, Pineville 6:30
02-24-23 Tonya & Shannon Cedar Stump Pub, Statesville. 9pm
02-25-23 The Big Damn DuoThe Lodge Colony, Charlotte 7:30
03-02-23 Acoustic Open Mic feat. Tim Manuel
                   Dreamchaser's Brewery, Waxhaw 6:30
03-04-23 Late Night KitchenDover Vinyards, Concord 4pm
03-07-23 Shannon's Jam, Full backlineZee's Tavern, Pineville, 6:30

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