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"Simple music about this complicated life"


-Shannon Lee solo, duo, trio

-Shannon's new trio,

Late Night Kitchen 

Cooking up acoustic comfort music.

Shannon Lee -  vocals/keys/ukulele

Robb Melançon - guitar/vocals & John Mock on bass

-Shannon's been playing with these folks for 6+ years!

The Big Damn Duo - Rarely two, usually three, sometimes five, and as many as 9! (4 is right out) This is an experience in fun, spontaneity, love, laughter, friendship and music. Harmonies for days. 

Shannon Lee - Vocals, piano, uke

Tonya Wood - Vocals, Guitar

Ron Sheehan - Vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, emotional support

John Mock - Bass

Donnie Fletcher - Percussion and dad jokes

3/16/23 Open Mic Feat. Jim Pennea
Dreamchasers, Waxhaw 6:30
3/18/23 Late Night Kitchen
Primal Brewery, Belmont 6-9
3/21/23 Shannon's Jam, Full Backline
Zee's Tavern, Pineville 6:30
3/24/23 Big Damn Duo feat. Emanuel Winter
Zee's Tavern, Pineville 7:30
3/25/23 Late Night Kitchen
The Lodge Colony, Charlotte 7:30
3/30/23 Open Mic Feat. Darren Deese
Dreamchaser's, Waxhaw 6:30
4/1/23 Solo Brunch Performanc
Madison Perk, Charlotte 10-12
4/1/23 Late Night Kitchen
Dreamchaser's, Waxhaw 1-4
4/4/23 Shannon's Jam, Full Backline
Zee's Tavern, Pineville 6:30
4/7/23 Stumptown station, Matthews 9-12
4/8/23 Late Night Kitchen
Moochies Tavern Patio 5-8
4/11/23 Original Music Showcase
Stooges, Charlotte 7pm
4/13/23 Open Mic Feat. Zach Moss
Dreamchaser's, Waxhaw 6:30
4/14/23 Solo Performance
Home Brew, Monroe 7-10
4/15/23 Late Night Kitchen
Carolina Beer Temple, Matthews 4-7
4/18/23 Shannon's Jam, Full Backline
Zee's Tavern, Pineville 6:30
4/27/23 Open Mic Feat. Hannah Wineinger
Dreamchaser's, Waxhaw 6:30
4/28/23 The Big Damn Duo
The Lodge Colony, 7-10


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