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Late Night Kitchen

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3/22/24 The Lodge Colony 7:30
3/29/24 Sweet Union Brewing 7:00
4/6/24 Dover Vineyards 4:00
5/11/24 Dover Vineyards 5:00
5/17/24 Sweet Union Brewing 7:00
6/1/24 Carolina Beer Temple 4:00
6/15/24 Dover Vineyards 5:00
6/28/24 The Lodge Colony
7/27/24 The Lodge Colony 7:00



A menu of unexpected songs

cooked up in an unexpected way.

Songs you know, songs you should know.

Originals and Covers


Shannon Lee - vocals, piano, and misc.

Robb Melançon - guitar, vocals

John Mock - Upright Bass, Vocals



Charlotte, NC & Surrounding Area



Text Shannon at 734-552-1000

years active//

April 2021-present


associated acts//

Shannon Lee Music

The Big Damn Duo

The Distillery Cats

Robb Melancon Music

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